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Why is a shaving brush sustainable?

Shaving with a brush was the most normal thing in the world in the past. A shaving brush was necessary then, because there was only shaving soap and shaving cream. In combination with water and a shaving brush, it was made foamy. With the advent of spray cans with ready-to-use shaving cream and shaving gel, buying a shaving brush has become less obvious. Shaving with a brush is not just hip or trendy, because it has never been completely gone. The current generation also wants to buy shaving brushes again. Not only is authentic shaving with a brush fresh, often smoother and cheaper, it is also much more sustainable.

Why is buying shaving brushes better for the environment?

Do you also want to buy a shaving brush? This means that if you shave in the authentic way, you use shaving soap or shaving cream. And that is precisely what is sustainable and contributes to a more sustainable world. After all, everyone knows the emission of harmful gases from aerosol cans. Every day when you shave with ready-made shaving foam or gel, you also contribute to this. If many people buy shaving brushes and switch to using shaving soap or shaving cream, this will mean a huge reduction in water pollution, but in emissions from the production of unsustainable resources. In addition, many people experience authentic shaving with a brush as better and fresher.

Buy a durable shaving brush

Not only buying shaving brushes and switching to shaving soap or shaving gel is sustainable; if you buy a shaving brush from Biowust, the shaving brush itself is also sustainable. The brush itself is made of recycled nylon, so no animal hair and therefore vegan. The handle is made of high-quality plastic or wood that lasts a very long time. You don't buy shaving brushes every day, so make it directly with us the right choice for a durable shaving brush.

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