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Safety Razor Bamboo Including 20 Razor Blades

Safety Razor Bamboo Including 20 Razor Blades

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Super soft skin without ingrown hairs or skin irritation? Cost-effective and also environmentally conscious? It's all possible with the Biowus safety razor.

Your advantages when using the Biowust safety razor

  • Lasts a lifetime with proper care
  • Prevents ingrown hairs and skin irritation
  • Zero Waste: no waste of plastic
  • 20 razor blades: enough for 14 months of shaving
  • Enjoy baby-soft skin for a long time
  • Stylish and comfortable handle made of bamboo

Carefree shaving is done with a classic razor

With a safety razor you have less problems with skin irritation, razor bumps, and ingrown hairs that often occur with the well-known shaving systems, disposable blades or electric razors. The main reason for this is that with a safety razor you only have one blade against your skin at all times. It's actually very simple, the less often you make contact with your skin with a blade, the better for your skin.

#Sustainable Choice

It can be even better, with the Biowust safety razor you prevent even more plastic from ending up in our environment. This razor is also your last razor with proper use and proper care. This is how you give yourself and the earth a present!

How often can you use the razor blade of a safety razor?

This depends on various factors such as the type of hair, how often you shave, the coating of the blades, and yes, your shaving technique. Hardened blades made of platinum or chromium, for example, ensure that the blades last longer. Our blades are platinum hardened. Depending on these factors, a blade will last about 3-6 shaves.

How do you use the safety razor?

  1. Make your skin supple by rinsing your face with warm water or running a warm damp towel over your face.
  2. Apply your favorite shaving gel, shaving cream or shaving foam to your face with your hands or a shaving brush.
  3. Have a bowl of warm water ready to clean your razor. Removing remaining hairs between the razor ensures optimal results.
  4. Time to shave. Hold the razor at an angle of about 30 degrees against the top of your cheek. Then shave in a straight path in the direction of the hair, this prevents ingrown hairs.
  5. After shaving it is important to close the pores. This is best done with a cold damp towel. Try dabbing instead of rubbing to avoid irritation.
  6. For a long life of your razor, it is important to clean the razor properly between shaves and let it dry completely.

In the package:

  • 1x Biowust safety razor bamboo
  • 20x platinum stainless blades
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