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Shaving Brush Green

Shaving Brush Green

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Are you looking for a shaving brush that, in addition to making a full shaving cream, is also sustainable and vegan? Then the Biowust shaving brush with smooth bristles is your new buddy when shaving. With the fine handle you are assured of an ideal shaving experience. An ideal gift for both men and women, but also for the environment!

The shaving brush has synthetic hair

100% vegan and an even distribution of shaving foam; that's what our shaving brush offers. This shaving brush with synthetic bristles can hardly be distinguished from brushes with natural/animal bristles. Due to the high moisture absorption you create a true foam sensation. The smooth hairs provide an ultimate massage of your skin with every shave!

Durable handle

Biowust stands for minimal impact on the environment. That is why we use a very strong recyclable plastic to make the handle. This makes your shaving brush last longer and prevents unnecessary deforestation.

How do you use the shaving brush?

Before first use, wash the shaving brush with warm water and a mild shampoo. Never use hot water, this can damage the hair. Then apply your favorite shaving soap, shaving foam, shaving cream or shaving gel to your skin in a circular motion. After shaving, clean the brush thoroughly with lukewarm water and allow the shaving brush to dry thoroughly between shaves.

Why do shaving brushes lose hair?

During the first weeks there may be some hair loss because the brush is new. This has no consequences for the result of the shave. Hair loss can also occur with poor care of the shaving brush. Think of soap residue left behind. The high pH value of these soap residues causes the hair to dry out. As a result, there is a high chance that they will break and fall out. You can prevent this by taking good care of the shaving brush.

Which razor is best to use with a shaving brush?

By using a good shaving brush, the hairs are stimulated, so that the beard hairs stand upright. This effect is generally best utilized by a safety razor, which also significantly reduces the risk of skin irritation and cuts.

Your advantages when using the Biowust shaving brushes

  • Absorbs a lot of water for excellent foaming power
  • Soft supple bristles
  • 100% vegan & sustainable
  • A true sensation for your skin
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Long lifespan
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De kwast is lekker zacht

Ik ben aangenaam verrast door de kwaliteit. Zachte kwast, voelt fijn aan de huid, schuimt goed, droogt relatief gezien snel op, zeepresten zijn makkelijk weg te spoelen. Ik zou hem zeker aanraden